About Handsling

About Handsling

Handsling Media Ltd

was launched in 2010 offering sales consultancy to various events and media within cycling and action sports.

Handsling Racing

launched in 2011 as a 5 man elite team to promote the brand to cyclists.

Handsling Digital Publishing Ltd

was formed in May 2012 to publish CycleTechReview.com and later BritishCycleSport.com.

Handsling Bikes Ltd

arrived in June 2015, after the frames designed and developed specifically for the Handsling Racing team riders, were offered for general sale.

In April 2018,

Handsling Ltd

was formed and absorbed all of the companies above.

Key Personnel:

Simon Whiten has years of commercial sales and management experience across a variety of media and events, including consumer and B2B magazines and newspapers, TV and online, conferences and exhibitions, and supporting software for sporting events. Though he has a lot of past experience in racing, nowadays Simon is very much a fair weather cyclist.

Hanni Ali is a resident of Bermuda but a Yorkshireman at heart. He is the technical guru who makes it all happen. A maths genius, he is paid huge amounts to develop clever programs that can help simulate major disasters for the benefit of the world's insurance market. When he feels the need to 'keep it real' he slums it over here at Handsling. His heart does belong to France but not really when the Tour is on. He claims to prefer water-sports...